Sunday, 29 September 2013


These exclusive Chiffon Tutu Skirts are irresistible and every girl's dream. 

Designed by Anne-Marie Van Dijk from the Netherlands and inspired by the style icons of the film world, these Pettiskirts are quite possibly the finest on today's market.

The fullness of the skirt ensures the flared shape remains intact at all times, so your little princess will always be the belle of the ball!

Dress it up for those special occasions with our "Pearled Up" luxury knitwear or keep it chic and unique when paired with our fabulous Dolly T-Shirts and leggings.

Whichever way she chooses to wear it she will always stand out in the crowd! Your little one will be able to wear it from one season to the next as each Pettiskirt comes with a fully adjustable waist and beautiful satin bow therefore making the skirt fantastic value and avoiding those tears when it doesn't fit!

Sizes petite, small and medium also come with a free matching skirt so her favourite doll or teddy can also be dressed up, and each arrive in their own ballet bag to keep them looking fabulous for longer.

Hand wash, hang dry - what could be easier!

Saturday, 28 September 2013


The Pearl Collection from LePetit Tom is a superb, luxurious range of knitwear designed to compliment the Dolly Range.

This exclusive refined collection is made from luxurious cashmere and merino wools and is teamed with oversized pearl accessories for that classical stylish look.

Dolly's pearl button necklace comes free with all Pearled Up cashmere cardigans for that vintage look which is today's highest fashion.

The cardigan is made from 30% cashmere and 70% merino wool ensuring your princess is cool in the summer and cozy and warm during the winter. 

It is available in 4 amazing colours:- Light Pink, Off-White, Black & Red.

For that added touch of class:- why not team it with the Pearled knee high socks or legwarmers also made from 30% cashmere and 70% wool. The socks feature an oversized pearl on the front and a satin bow closure. They are available in Light Pink, Off-White and Black.

Washing Instructions
Handwash inside out or machine wash 30 degree wash cycle or below. Dry flat, Iron low.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


The amazing babysling from Baby Sense enables the parent to "wear" their baby.
It keeps baby close and snug and cocoons them in the fetal position, all the while, enabling you to keep your arms and hands free to do those essential chores.
The sling mimics the calming womb environment, where the familiar sound of your heartbeat and voice ensures your baby feel safe and calm. Research suggests that carrying your baby can have development benefits.
It can help to develop baby's muscle tone, stability and balance reactions. This encourages them to hold their head up indepedently, roll over sooner and change their positions, such as sitting to crawling, sooner than their counterparts who are nursed and transported in car seats or prams.
It can be used in 3 different ways: -
1) The Cradle position
2) The Feeding position
and the
3) Hip hold position for when your baby is 6 months old.
It can be used from newborn (even premature babies) to toddlers, making it one of the most versatile carriers on today's markt.
The award winning baby sling is made from 100% cotton fabric and comes complete with a free instruction DVD.


All About the Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket 

The beauty of the Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket, like all good ideas, is that it is incredibly simple. It was originally conceived and designed for parents and carers to reduce the amount of bending and stooping to pick up, lay down or move their babies. 

The reduced strain on the body, when using the Snugglebundl baby blanket , means that mums who need to recover from post birth difficulties will find this product very helpful. Indeed any parent or carer who wants to take the strain out of their back will benefit from using the unique Snugglebundl lift and lay baby blanket. Grandparents and elderly carers especially love it for its ease of use and safety. 

How it works 

The Snugglebundl baby blanket works in a similar way to a hammock, pulling up around the baby to support the head, neck and spine and the padded hood carefully protects the baby's crown. The extra strength support handles mean that you can safely and securely lift up or placedown your baby with just one hand! 

No more need to support the back of the neck whilst lifting or laying- which means your baby stays asleep! The Snugglebundl baby blanket will fit into car seats, prams, pushchairs, cots, cribs and carrycots. It provides a readily available warm and soft surface to lay your baby down anywhere. And, if your baby wants a nap, it can then be used to wrap around, like a papoose with a little tie on the side to prevent it from being kicked open. 

If they are asleep and you need to move them you will find that picking up is so easy and the snugness, warmth and comfort of the Snugglebundl baby blanket means they stay asleep when moving them from one place to another. This is what makes it so unique from any other product on the market and why it could well be one of the best and most useful baby products you will ever own. As one mum put it, "When you have been kept awake all night, then keeping your baby asleep when lifting or laying them is priceless!" 

The Snugglebundl Journey 

The idea for the Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket came from necessity for David Solomons when his daughter was first born. His wife Suzi had some serious complications during the birth, which resulted in her being very limited in her movement and unable to bend or lift without extreme discomfort. At the same time David's back problem meant that he struggled to bend and lift as well! 

Between the two of them they found lifting up, laying down and manoeuvring their new baby in and out of pushchairs and car seats extremely awkward. To help the problem David would lay his daughter on a blanket and gather it up in a bundle around her and then simply pick her up! That was for him the "Eureka" moment. And from that point he began to think about the concept of a safe lifting blanket for babies. In the new year of 2011 he teamed up with Mike Edwards, his good friend, neighbour, fellow father and fellow designer and his lovely, ever-optimistic, enthusiastic and hard-working wife Heidi, Together they worked out the best way to fully support the baby's head and neck and safely protect the crown. 

The strength of the handles was of course paramount, but it also had to look good and be functional and durable too. In the months that followed they made hundreds of prototypes in different sizes, lengths and materials. They gathered a team of new parents to trial these, and from those results the Snugglebundl baby-lifting baby blanket was finally born (Called the Bundl for short!). They knew we had it right when the mums testing them refused to give them up! From this one idea they decided to start our own innovative baby product company, which was lovingly called Snugglebundl after their unique blanket. 

The aim of the company is to design and produce original and practical products for parents. They already have several other incredible ideas that they are working on, and they all revolve around comfort, warmth, and function. They will endeavour to manufacture all our products in the UK and will always try to use the best and most environmentally friendly materials possible. 

Having and bringing up a baby has many challenges and there are so many products on the market that look great but just don't work well. At Snugglebundl the aim is bring you beautiful products that will not only work well but also actually make life a little easier. 

How to use the amazing Snugglebundl baby lifting baby blanket Wrapping your baby in the Snugglebundl 

1. Roll the hood back before laying your baby centrally on the Snugglebundl(BUNDL) baby blanket. Note - Always lay your baby on its back and never in the prone position when using the BUNDL 
2. Fold any excess material over your baby's feet if required. 
3. Wrap your baby by folding the left side over the right and tying the ribbon through the top handle. 
4. The hood should always be rolled back when the baby is horizontal in the BUNDL. Also roll and fold the material away from the face. Note - Always ensure that your baby is not to hot when fully wrapped. Adjust accordingly to the surrounding conditions and temperatures. Always ensure you can see your baby's face. 

Placing your baby in a car seat in the Snugglebundl Baby blanket

1. With your baby in the Snugglebundl gently place them into the car seat and open the blanket up. 
2. Pull bottom strap between legs creating pockets with the blanket for the feet or alternatively just tuck the blanket under their legs . Pull the shoulder straps over and lock in place. Ensure that straps are done up to the correct tightness... 
3. If required the blanket can be folded back over the baby for extra warmth. 
4. If weather is hot then simply tuck the BUNDL under the legs and leave open. The hood can also be folded back. 
Lifting and laying your baby on the Snugglebundl baby blanket

1. Lay your baby face up in the centre of the blanket with their head into the hood. Any excess blanket at the foot end can either be folded over their feet or under them or just left loose. 
2. Bring reinforced handles together and with a firm grip gently lift your baby up. 
3. Transfer your baby to your arms. 
4. Always lay your baby down gently in the BUNDL. 
5. It is recommended to put your baby down on soft surfaces for added comfort. 

No more leaning over & back pains - Enjoy! 


The Snugglebundl baby blanket can be used to rock your baby with either the handles together or with the BUNDL open so you can maintain eye contact. If they are feeling tired it won't take them long to drift to sleep, leaving you the easy job of simply laying them straight down already cosy and secure in their beautiful snuggly soft Snugglebundl blanket.

Please Click watch video about this fabulous product!


As a midwife, I totally believe in giving babies the best start in life. There is no better way to ensure this than exclusively breastfeeding for the first 6 -12 months.
Your breastmilk is designed for your baby, passing on antibodies that help to fight infection and reduce the risk of cot death as well as reducing the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes in later life to name but a few. It also has major health benefits for mothers such as reducing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and type II diabetes.
Unfortunately breastfeeding isn't plain sailing for some women, and after over 20 years in the profession, I have seen hundreds of women give up breastfeeding within 6 weeks due to not having the support they need or becoming overtired and stressed when they feel that they are failing in establishing feeding.
Therefore I feel that I am right in recommending the Mimijumi feeding bottle. The Mimijumi is designed to feed your baby similar to the way the breast does. The "dome" and "nipple" are shaped for effective latching, and like breastfeeding, the milk flow is regulated by your baby's sucking action.

The baby stretches and flattens the nipple of the bottle in much the same way as it does on a real nipple, thus reducing nipple confusion. It isn't designed to replace breastfeeding but to complement your breastfeeding programme.
Therefore at times when it is difficult to put your baby to the breast such as when you want your partner to bond and feed your baby or if you cannot feed for a short time but would like to return to breastfeeding, for instance if you were suffering from infected mastitis, you may find the Mimijumi bottle is perfect for you. It also as many good qualities. ie:
    It contains no BPA or Phthalates
    It passes all global safety standards
    It has a trendy design
    Comprises of only 2 parts and can be assembled one-handed
    Dishwasher and boil safe
    Anti-slip base
    Wide neck for ease of hand expressing
    Anti colic venting
    Makes transition to bottle feeding easier
So if you are struggling with breastfeeding or just want a solution for when putting your baby to the breast isn't an option choose Mimijumi - the next best thing.

Customer Review: 
"We've been using these bottles with my 3 week old and highly recommend them, he will drink more milk from these bottles and seems to take in less air so needs less winding. We were using another brand to begin with but tried these to assist with combination feeding and have been really impressed". 



The award wining Chillipeeps is one of my favourite products especially in light of the recently produced guidelines on the storage of baby milk from the Department of Health & Food Standards Agency.
If you have chosen to bottle feed for whatever reason, it is now fairly inconvenient to safely feed your baby when out and about. You would have to take a flask of previously boiled water, powdered formula milk and sterilised bottles and teats.
So why not take a Chillipeeps teat system with you - they can be sterilised at home in the same way that you would sterilise your teats and bottles. They come in their own egg shaped pod for convenience and compactability where they remain sterile until used.  You then simply screw them into the top of any pre-prepared carton of formula milk as well as bottled water and juices for older children.
What a simple idea that works brilliantly. 
Customer Reviews:

1) Reviewer: Lisa and Rosie Nixon from South Yorkshire
What can I say.... AMAZING.. Been away for a long weekend, really didn't fancy taking steriliser etc. Asked a few friends who recommended chillipeeps and wow they are fantastic, they don't take up much room, easy to clean and very very useful.... A BIG MUST TO ALL NEW PARENTS

2) Reviewer: louise lowe from chesterfield,
Took this on holiday with us and is great product, small to pack and very easy to use.
For further reading on the storage of formula milk - see My Ask the Midwife blog!


GreenKid Stainless Steel Bottles
Why Stainless Steel?
Many elements contained in plastic can be dangerous to your baby’s health. Many leading bottle brands include a BPA free alternative and while this is a safer option, it does not address the other toxic and dangerous elements found in plastic. Even BPA-free bottles may STILL leach phthalates and other toxic elements into your baby’s milk, especially when heated, frozen or scratched. Babies and young children are most at risk due to their undeveloped endocrine systems.
Stainless steel is the safe, non leaching, non-toxic and durable answer! It is also 100% recyclable, unlike plastic.
What is BPA and what are Phthalates?
Bisphenol A is the most common chemical used in plastic and is the main building block in polycarbonate. It is a powerful endocrine disruptor which can mimic the body’s own hormones to an alarming degree. Many bottle brands misleadingly advertise as being BPA free. To meet European BPA free standards there only needs to be a LOW level of BPA and not a total removal. This is truly an offence on the unwitting consumer. *Please note that there are bottle brands that truly are 100% BPA free. That said there are numerous new concerns that there are other toxins present in BPA free bottles.
Babies are most sensitive to Bisphenol A due to their underdeveloped and very sensitive endocrine systems. Studies have even linked prenatal exposure to later neurological difficulties such as ADHD, depression and hyperactivity.
Infants and children are believed to have the highest daily intake of BPA due to the use of plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and plates. Effects on infants and children may include obesity; early onset of puberty, inadequate brain development and behavioural issues. Breast tissue development in boys, increased risk of breast cancer in girls, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction has also been attributed to this nasty chemical.
Starting in 2008, several governments questioned the safety of this compound, prompting worldwide scientific research into the effects of BPA. A 2010 report from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raised further concerns regarding exposure of foetuses, infants, and young children.[1] In September 2010, Canada became the first country to declare BPA a toxic substance.[2][3] In the European Union and Canada, BPA use is banned in baby bottles. Then, in July 2012, the FDA banned the use of BPA in all baby bottles and children’s drinking cups.[4]
Phthalates are chemical plasticizers used to soften plastics that would otherwise be brittle and crack when bent. Because phthalates are not chemically bound to the plastics they’re added to, they’re continuously released into the air, food or liquid.
Studies show that there is potential for phthalates to lower sperm production and cause anatomical abnormalities related to the male genitalia. There has also been a suggested link between phthalates and asthma, timing of puberty or the risk for childhood obesity, among others.
Are there any other hidden dangers in plastic?
There is growing concern regarding the other potentially toxic elements found in plastic e.g. BPS. By nature, plastic DOES leach chemicals and although there is not enough evidence YET to show that these are harmful to humans, studies are now being conducted to determine their safety.
Remember that 2 years ago BPA was regarded as 100% safe for human consumption. We believe that Plastic is dangerous to you and your babies health – it is simply not worth the risk. Our motto is Zero.Plastic!
Is there any plastic lining in my Green.Kid bottle?
The 18/8 stainless steel used in our bottles is 100% non-leaching, plastic-free, lead free and PVC free.
Some containers sold as stainless steel bottles may contain plastic liners which contain BPA and Phthalates. As this liner comes into direct contact with liquid, this defeats the object of using stainless steel altogether.
What about the materials used in the teat and cap?
The whole Green.Kid stainless range is 100% plastic free. Our teats and caps are crafted from silicone only which is completely safe, non-leaching and BPA free.
What about glass?
Although glass itself is safe with regards to BPA and dangerous elements, the plastic ring used to seal the top of most glass baby bottles is NOT. Glass can be dangerous for your baby or toddler to use due to breakage or chipping and is also extremely heavy when filled and carried around. Remember, toddlers love to throw things!
Stainless steel is as light, if not lighter than plastic and is virtually unbreakable, leaving it as the only truly usable alternative to plastic.
Please click to see images of these fantastic bottles