Sunday, 16 June 2013


The amazing babysling from Baby Sense enables the parent to "wear" their baby.
It keeps baby close and snug and cocoons them in the fetal position, all the while, enabling you to keep your arms and hands free to do those essential chores.
The sling mimics the calming womb environment, where the familiar sound of your heartbeat and voice ensures your baby feel safe and calm. Research suggests that carrying your baby can have development benefits.
It can help to develop baby's muscle tone, stability and balance reactions. This encourages them to hold their head up indepedently, roll over sooner and change their positions, such as sitting to crawling, sooner than their counterparts who are nursed and transported in car seats or prams.
It can be used in 3 different ways: -
1) The Cradle position
2) The Feeding position
and the
3) Hip hold position for when your baby is 6 months old.
It can be used from newborn (even premature babies) to toddlers, making it one of the most versatile carriers on today's markt.
The award winning baby sling is made from 100% cotton fabric and comes complete with a free instruction DVD.

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