Sunday, 16 June 2013


The award wining Chillipeeps is one of my favourite products especially in light of the recently produced guidelines on the storage of baby milk from the Department of Health & Food Standards Agency.
If you have chosen to bottle feed for whatever reason, it is now fairly inconvenient to safely feed your baby when out and about. You would have to take a flask of previously boiled water, powdered formula milk and sterilised bottles and teats.
So why not take a Chillipeeps teat system with you - they can be sterilised at home in the same way that you would sterilise your teats and bottles. They come in their own egg shaped pod for convenience and compactability where they remain sterile until used.  You then simply screw them into the top of any pre-prepared carton of formula milk as well as bottled water and juices for older children.
What a simple idea that works brilliantly. 
Customer Reviews:

1) Reviewer: Lisa and Rosie Nixon from South Yorkshire
What can I say.... AMAZING.. Been away for a long weekend, really didn't fancy taking steriliser etc. Asked a few friends who recommended chillipeeps and wow they are fantastic, they don't take up much room, easy to clean and very very useful.... A BIG MUST TO ALL NEW PARENTS

2) Reviewer: louise lowe from chesterfield,
Took this on holiday with us and is great product, small to pack and very easy to use.
For further reading on the storage of formula milk - see My Ask the Midwife blog!

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